Fitness Coaching

What is fitness coaching?

Fitness Coaching facilitates the process of change by inspiring individuals to personally asses, reflect, measure and adjust their daily actions.  The adoption of new and sustainable lifestyle behaviors to realize a daily “personal best” is the goal.  Through a “habits based coaching process” clients will share an experience by creating personalized change through consistent, daily actions.  Change will be based on a client’s personal experiences, skills, and daily routines.  Fitness Coaching will encourage and guide others with the application of general habits.  The targeted habits will improve a person’s current lifestyle.

Your experience may include

  • Documentation of current routines, actions, feelings, and desired future focus
  • Creation of specific, measureable, attainable, relevant, time-bound goals
  • Determination of the most important daily behavior change required to reach that goal
  • Identification of possible “limiting factors” that may impede future desired progress
  • Gradual introduction of simplified “new” daily habits
  • Noticing and celebrating positive advances, even when they appear to be insignificant
  • Personal accountability, check-ins and support to consistently assess, apply reflection techniques, document objective progress measurements and make adjustments as needed.


1 to 1 training