Mike Wendorf

Owner & Director of Operations

Mike founded Level Up as “The Natural Athlete” in 2010 for the sole purpose of developing athletes in a natural way with training and nutrition, utilizing whole foods, proper hydration and a program designed for the individual. Mike ran the company out of a 1600 sq. ft. studio in downtown Stoughton for 5 years where he focused on small group and personalized one-on-one coaching as well as venturing into some schools to do on site team training.

“I’ve always loved sports, and helping athletes get the most out of who they are and what they want to achieve is my passion. Growing up and even while playing college basketball, I didn’t always know the correct way to train and definitely could have benefited from someone taking me under their wing and guidance to further my potential. I am always learning and adapting myself as I venture toward what it is I want to achieve.”

Mike strongly believes that athletes need a tailored training program which targets each individual’s needs and wants, “no two bodies are the same, no two athletes are the same, so why should each individual do the exact same training?”

With the vision to expand the brand Level Up, and the ability to help many more people reach their fitness, wellness, lifestyle and athletic goals. Level Up grew into a new facility in the spring of 2015. Mike with the help and guidance from Tim and Chris Kotlowski, Level Up Fitness is now an 8000 sq. foot facility that prides itself on service while providing a great atmosphere for any and all people who are members.

Zach Moore

Director Strength Training & Conditioning

Zach has had a passion for fitness from a very young age. He began lifting in his basement with just a squat rack and a few dumbbells. Noticing the physical benefits and how they helped performance through high school sports led to a collegiate basketball career at Edgewood College (Madison, WI). During college, he kept his interest in fitness by helping design the team’s lifting programs. After a string of injuries that kept him sidelined too many times, he wanted to understand the root cause.

He began his studies at a small bodyweight & kettle bell gym in Madison, and soon became a certified natural trainer (C.N.T) from the NASM. He proceeded to further his education by becoming a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (C.S.C.S) from the N.S.C.A, the nation’s top resistance training organization. The multitude of styles allowed Zach to help develop Level Ups philosophy of structural integrity, muscular balance, freedom of movement and most important nutrition.

Andrea Klein

Director of Group Fitness

Andrea teaches Cycling, Suspension Training, Turbokick, PiYo, Insanity, and Strictly Strength here at Level Up. Andrea is certified in Spinning, TRX, Turbokick, PiYo, Yogafit, Insanity, BodyPump along with ACE and CSCS personal training certifications and has been practicing for 14 years.

Andrea believes in a total, complete healthy lifestyle – a proper balance of physical, mental, and spiritual health. When we take care of our bodies physically with proper exercise and nutrition, all other aspects of life will improve. We become more confident, we are better towards others and she believes we enjoy life more. It is our duty to take care of our bodies for ourselves and for others who depend on us and care about us. As a health and wellness professional, her goal is to be a good role model and empower others to believe in her philosophy. One of her favorite quotes: “I exercise because I love my body not because I hate my body.”

Andrea resides in Stoughton with whom she refers to as “Team Klein”- her husband, Dan, her three boys, Wyatt (5), Troy (3), Calen (10 mo.) along with an American Dingo, Blondie, and a Black Lab, Jersey. Outside of teaching classes and training, Andrea loves to run, play golf, play basketball, be on the water and tend to her yard.

Josh Thiermann