The Mission of Level Up is to teach, train, and inspire fitness enthusiasts and athletes about the natural process one can make through hard work, dedication, and education. Having the highest quality fitness, wellness and athletic training facility, where members and staff interact as a team to meet and exceed member’s individual goals.  As coaches and fitness professionals, we will create an atmosphere where anyone can find success.  Through the development of personalized programs geared towards each client’s goals. We will strengthen each individual’s performance by using specific training techniques, classes and by placing emphasis on the use of whole foods, keeping hydrated, staying active and resting to recover our bodies. By encouraging a natural approach in reaching one’s goals, we will empower each individual to persevere and transform their mindset from being average to being exceptional.

Gym Access

Staffed Hours

Mon.-Thurs. 9am–7pm
Fri. 9am–2pm
Sat. 9am-Noon

225 Hoel Ave.
Stoughton, WI 53589